Feather Touch Fiber Glass L.L.C

Glass Reinforced Plastic

Glass reinforced plastic (polyster) is also known as GRP or sometimes fibre reinforced plastic (FRP).It is a composite cover of glass fibres in a unsaturated synthetic resins.It is a highly flexible material used in buildings for exterior panels and also as fully structural load-bearing elements. It can be used to make roofing infill panels, drainage components, interior and exterior decorative features. It can be made semi-transparent or opaque and can be used for door and window frames. It is also used for waterproof sheet and as form work for specific structures.

  • GRP Cladding
  • GRP Fire & Safety Cabinets
  • GRP Tanks
  • GRP Sunshades
  • GRP Domes
  • GRP Canopies
  • GRP Radomes
  • GRP Water Tanks
  • GRP Swimming Pools
  • GRP Signage
  • GRP Outdoor Kiosk
  • GRP Shower Trays
  • GRP Seal Plates
  • GRP Cooling Towers
  • GRP Other Products
  • GRP Cabinets
  • GRP Airport Shelters
  • GRP Toughstore Cabinets
  • GRP Ambulance Interiors
  • GRP Artificial Trees